The Paris Zoo Park, commonly called the Vincennes Zoo reopened its gates in April 2014 after being closed for nearly six years following a 133 million euros renovation. The transformation of the park aimed to offer visitors a new and exciting "journey around the planet".


One of the new main developments consisted in introducing the public to an enhanced experience through the means of multi-touch tables and interactive software that allows visitors to explore the vast world of the animal kingdom with ease. The on-site devices were designed to help children learn more about their favourite wild animal species through various fun challenges of gamified touch-and-play interactive software.


Next to the Paris Zoo Park impressive inhabitation of more than 180 species, the heart of the Zoo's indentity is it's clever landscaping, including the iconic Grand Rocher, remarkable for its large artificial high rock, that marks the popularity of this facility of the French National Museum of Natural History ever since its opening in 1934.


As part of this multi-touch tables software implementation program we've seeked out the spectacular sites that the Paris Zoo has to offer and selected some fascinating wild life sceneries. It was one of the most cheerful photo shoots and we loved spending quality time together with these delightful critters.


If you happen to be in Paris, take a trip to the Zoo Park! You will experience a unique interaction with wild life and learn more through the means of the multi-touch tables. It's going to be a blast!