We are rdaymedia. 

 We come from Transylvania.

the beginning

We founded our creative agency on a few simple ideas: be passionate, be smart, be creative. Our like-minded team thinks freely and creates without boundaries. From there, it is just a matter of doing what we love. We create digital products and deliver trans-media services that help brands thrive in a connected world.


 They grow so fast! 

Mazedia and WEZIT are two of our first clients that are part of Capitan Groupe, an innovative tech company from France. Together we took part in many exciting projects that set new standards for the digitization of cultural heritage and for modern storytelling in the museum world. 

 Tour guide mobile app. 

 LOUVRE LENS MUSEUM interactive tables. 

 Grand Parc du

 Puy du Fou

 mobile app. 



Museum trends

and Social Media Influencers study

Home  Design


When we were approached by Prowest, they were a classic home decoration store with non-existing online presence.


Together we defined the concept and strategy for blaturidebucatarie.ro, their custom kitchen countertops brand.

Today, blaturidebucatarie.ro is the national leader in their field.



Web design

 Digital marketing 

view company


  Web Design 

  Digital Marketing 


  UX Design 

Initially a classic business intelligence firm, VIEW COMPANY evolved into two standalone brands.


View BI is a client oriented consulting firm that provides offshore business analytics services to US companies. 


REPORTVIEW is a revolutionary data discovery application that offers insightful knowledge about any business with no technical help, just drag-and-drop.


The future?

Let's talk it over FIKA!