User experience is paramount.

People want great design that's easy to use.

We create both, without compromise.

Quartz is ubiquitous, plentiful and durable. It is also the ideal material for creating your kitchen countertop in any shape or color, not only due to it's endurance but also because it's antibacterian and eco-friendly properties.


Quartz Composite Kitchen Countertops Branding has become the best brand on the Romanian worktops market primarily because of it's empowering user experience, giving it's customers the proper information and tools to create the perfect kitchen countertop for their home with just a brief glance on their website.  With a large variety of colors, accessories and designs, the folks at Blaturi de Bucatarie aim to establish their brand as the leading source of products and ideas for kitchen designers across Romania.



Agentia de publicitate rdaymedia a realizat pentru compania Prowest o strategie completa pentru a deveni lideri de piata in domeniul blaturilor de bucatarie. Conceptul, imaginea, continutul, dezvoltarea si operatiunile au fost realizate in intregime de o echipa profesionista din cadrul agentiei creative rdaymedia.


Hermannstadt, Romania 

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